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Switzerland is our other homeland: Many of our associates and collaborators are Swiss, and one of our partners is a qualified attorney in Geneva.

Not only we understand this country and its laws but we are also familiar with its mentality, its system and people. The Swiss legal system and the way it works is a masterpiece of efficiency though for many foreigners it remains difficult to understand and to cope with.

Switzerland maintains privileged relations with the European Union and to a large extend its legal system is being harmonized to the common legal systems of the E.U. Nevertheless the country has jealously kept its sovereignty, neutrality and direct democracy and its judicial and legal structure clearly reflects this particularity.

A developed federalism results to a variety of regional legal systems and we are well placed to understand and to deal with legal problems in both sides of the "Röstigraben".

We are proud of our understanding of the various aspects of the Swiss legal system and of a well extended network that covers virtually many important parts of our second homeland.

In Geneva and in Lausanne we work with Schmidt-Jaton and Associates which is being acclaimed as one of the most prestigious law firms in the lake Leman area. In the key cities of the federal capital Bern and of the world class financial and banking center of Zurich we cooperate with Walder Wyss & Partners, which is one of the largest law firms in the country highly specialized in tax and corporate law, whereas in Zug -home of most multinationals- our business relationship is with the Kamer-Weber Law office.

We state that we are bound by the rules for the exercise of the profession of Attorney and by the code of ethics of the Geneva Bar Association for all mandates related to Switzerland.