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Extended legal action on behalf of US and UK institutional holders of Greek sovereign debt bonds

Extended legal actions in the U.S. for Greek bondholders

ELC partner C. Kokkinos and the Italian Professor of International Law at the University of Naples Mr. A. Saccucci have visited  the New York offices of the high ranked U.S. Law firm Lieff Cabraiser Heimann & Bernstein. This visit was in view of organizing an extended legal action in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Starsbourg, France for the 2012 haircut of the Greek sovereign debt bonds. On that meeting also participated representatives of one of the largest specialist U.K. law firm interested on joining this action against the Greek state and/or against the financial institutions who have promoted these products without complying to legal requirements currently in force (MIFID EU Directive...) This action will bring a new dimension to this dispute that has unilaterally written off 53% of the Greek sovereign debt bonds to the detriment of thousand investors around the globe. In February 2014 Mr. Saccucci had additional meetings in London for that matter. In the picture Messrs Kokkinos and Saccucci during their LCHB New York visit.