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URGENT: Greek bond private holders!

Unfortunately our worst fears are being confirmed: The Eurogroup and the Greek government announced that all private holders of Greek State bonds by virtue of the so called “collective action clause” (CAC) will be forced to participate to the bonds swap although they did not consent to it.

We consider this as unconventional and totally unlawful falling short to the requirements of the art. 1 protocol No 1 of the European Convention of Human rights as it has been signed by the Republic of Greece. We also feel it violates the disposals of the Hellenic Constitution and other national texts challenging the existence of such collective action clauses.

Our law firm strong from its experience on the Citibank Lehman brothers bonds case where it achieved the best score in the world on this settlement, is preparing to litigate the application of CACs in front of the Greek Civil and Administrative Courts. Furthermore in conjunction with other major law firms in Europe we are preparing to submit ECHR filings. Interested private individuals holding Greek State bonds may contact for info and assistance our hotline via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .