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Direct request to the European Court on behalf of former Olympic Airways employees paid with Greek state bonds

From the beginning of the Greek sovereign debt crisis our Law firm has very carefully examined the State bonds issue and all possible legal means and ways of reacting both domestically and internationally. We have mainly focused on the procedure of the direct request to the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg in conjunction with our Italian specialist counterparts and we were the first ones in the world to have filed under that procedure. Now we are going one step further in this direction.

The Court has acknowledged our second filing on behalf of former employees of Olympic Airways who were given their severance payment with Greek sovereign State bonds with no other option. On May, 16, 2012 under the general preliminary filing number 30988/12 this case takes its way into the European Court which is also asking us to submit all relevant documentation clarifications and filings no later than July, 19, 2012.

The filing delay in front of the European Court of Human rights is of six months, which in this particular exercise of direct filing is set to expire on August, 23, 2012. However due to summer Court holidays our law firm will be filing its last lawsuit no later than August, 10, 2012 but we strongly recommend to anyone interested to join our next upcoming Court requests scheduled to be filed within the next two weeks.