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Archived news

VAT to be applied to real estate as of the 1st of January 2006

This is a major change with considerable consequences for the real estate and property market of Greece which has been booming for some time now. While prices remain very attractive compared to those of other Southern European destinations, application of 19% VAT will carry an inevitable increase to the final bill. Consequently everyone is rushing to acquire property before the year end with the help of a most willing banking system to finance this never slowing down sector against all odds.

Little known Japan

On the occasion of the new cooperation of our law offices with the reputable law office Toshihiko Okeda of Tokyo, we are supporting the efforts of approaching the two countries on individual as well as corporate levels. We are delighted to assist and coordinate free of charge exchange visits between the two countries. We have come to greatly enjoy and appreciate our recent visits to the land of the rising sun...


English National Opera and Dresden Staatskappelle concert are closing this season at this year's very successful Athens Festival. Our Law offices maintain close links with culture and with cultural activities and are very pleased to co-sponsor and effectively assist this winter with an organized exposition of Swiss artists living in Greece. More about this in our next news bulletin.