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Keep on moving (4): San Francisco, CA. World Justice Forum 10-13 September 2008

Our firm, one of the founding members of this Forum gathering some of world's most prestigious plaintiff law firms and academics is proud to be participating at this fall's Forum with three of its attorneys in attendance.

Pre-eminent Magistrates, University professors and attorneys from all over the world (From Indonesia to Panama, from North to South America and from China to Europe) will exchange opinions and share experiences on the evolution of a globalized legal system and on most recent trends of our legal profession.

Trainees from France: From Toulouse in March-April and from Grenoble in May-June

We were most pleased to welcome in our offices here in Athens two international trainees: Mrs. Edith Galissaire from the University of Toulouse was with us for two and a half months from the end of February to the beginning of May 2008 working on international cases mainly dealing on competition law issues. She was followed by Mrs. Miléna Boileau from Grenoble University who stayed with us until the end of June researching on topics of applicability of European law on commercial representation issues. Both trainees proved to be excellent collaborators on scientific as well as on personal level and have significantly contributed on their topics. We were very glad to have Mrs. Galissaire and Mrs. Boileau here and wish them all the best on their future endeavors.