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Archived news

Columbia law school: Global Justice forum on current developments in Cross-border litigation

The Global Justice Forum of which our firm is a founding member, gathers some of the world's most notorious professors and top plaintiff attorneys. The forum has been organized by Lieff Global LLP one of the most well known litigation attorneys worldwide.

The Europe-Israel business summit: ELC was there

It was a very successful event linking the European business community to Israel and vice versa. The event was honored by H.E. the President of the State of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres who addressed the participants and underlined the importance of those business meetings.

ELC to offer dual compliance legal coverage solutions

For well over a decade the majority of ELC's international transactions catering for the needs of its foreign private individuals as well as foreign corporate entities, are carried out smoothly and efficiently. As of April 1, 2008 we are proud to announce the setting up of a direct communication and compliance system, through our partners around the globe, aiming to optimize the solutions offered seamlessly and in accordance with the local legal requirements and those of the individual client's country or region. We have been working for over a year on the implementation of this complex, yet very sophisticated system and we are proud to be able now to propose it to our international clientele. As this dual compliance mechanism is neither always possible nor automatically applicable, we would be happy to check upon its applicability and discuss it with you prior to your mandate.

Greece to offer new tax benefits for small/medium size enterprises

The New Corporate Taxation legislation is introducing some considerable novelties concerning the acceptable level of tax deductible activities for small and medium size enterprises. These fringe benefits may result in a reduction of the taxable income and in the amount of tax withheld. This being the introduction year for such benefits, there are some very specific application rules that must be adhered to as part of the proper registration procedure. European Legal Consultancy acknowledges the importance of these procedures and has already started advising its clients the services of an independent tax advisor's firm. Clients will be given the opportunity to better organize and optimize their set up in the country.

The Fifth Global Justice Forum in San Francisco on 28-30th of May 2008

As a founding member of the Global Justice Forum, our firm has participated in the past in the Paris, Rome and New York conventions. Our law offices will be represented at this forthcoming event with two Supreme Court registered attorneys, thus having the opportunity to exchange views and information on the latest evolution and Court and commercial practices around the globe with some of the world's most prominent attorneys. More information and exciting details on our next newsletter. Stay tuned.

Sponsoring arts and other events

Peace of mind and comprehensive legal solutions are not our sole contributions to the society. We continuously support art expositions and we are pleased to support social events of the flourishing Swiss community in Greece. During this period we have decided to assist and support the refugees programs of the Orthodox church and of the Catholic mission in Greece hoping that this action will contribute to the relief of those in need.

Changing our look: ELC's new logo, colors and web site design

In an ever changing world, our image should be reflecting our incessant improvement while maintaining continuity as we refrain from changing our core values. It was about time to evolve our initial designs made by Peter Christensen back in the '90's through a careful procedure undertaken by Innovations AG under the meticulous guidance and supervision of Karin Breuninger from Geneva. Daring combinations of purple and gray outline the dynamics of our firm from our new logo to the office decoration and of course to our completely redesigned web site which is expected to be launched by Aspendos Solutions of London early in September 2008.

Keep on moving: Berkeley May 2008

In an ever changing world, continuous update on Business approaches and perspectives is of an essence. Our senior partner Constantine KOKKINOS was honored to be part of a selected group at U.C. Berkeley's Haas school of Business (ranked for this year as world's No 2 business school by Wall Street Journal) for an extensive training on leadership skills and negotiations. He returned with fresh ideas to put into practice and assist our international business customers. Constantine KOKKINOS is also member of the U.C. Berkeley Alumni Exed network.

Keep on moving (2): ATRS World Conference 6-10 July 2008

The prestigious Air Transport Research Society world conference was held in Athens this year. It was successfully hosted by the Hellenic Aviation Society of which we are distinguished members. An array of quite interesting topics from Commercial to safety and to air space issues were presented by many academic, scientific and professional bodies to the 350 delegates literally from all over the world. Mr. Kokkinos as an aviation Law specialist has participated as guest in this Conference where he also had the opportunity to discuss topics of interest with the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Secretary General Dr. Taieb Cherif, with the Director of the E.U. Air Transport Directorate Mr. Daniel Calleja and other distinguished guests.

Keep on moving (3): Farnborough, U.K. international Air Show 14-18 July 2008

It is perhaps the world's best known international aerospace exhibition held every other year where all of the aviation industry meets. ELC as a prominent law firm on aviation issues, will be there to meet and discuss with industry leaders and analysts all new issues and aviation related matters and products.