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Archived news

Reinforcing Japan

We undertook our third trip this past winter to the land of the rising sun and we are proud to think that we are perhaps one of Europe's top legal addresses for connections to Japan. We have further reinforced our cooperation with the Akeda law offices; one of the most renowned offices in Tokyo for dealing with business, corporate and financial issues. In conjunction with Jetro ( the Japanese trade organization, we now offer tailor made solutions for this demanding, high quality market.

Swiss Artists in Greece

They are few in number, but innovative and very talented. Among the three-thousand or so Swiss citizens living in Greece, there are some very gifted people that manage to bring together the Swiss sense of minimalism and subtle feelings with the vivid colours of their host-land. At ELC we are proud of our Swiss origins and, as we consider art as a supreme expression of the quality of life, we are most pleased to support an exposition of Swiss artists in Greece next fall, thus allowing our customers and friends alike to enjoy the creativity of Alpine artists living amongst Mediterranean colours.

Schengen Space: A Blessing and a Headache

It all started as a great idea: to dispose of borders within the participating countries of the European Union. Altogether it proved rather successful, but it carries many misinterpretations and practical difficulties in its application. Rights and privileges, single right of entry, Schengen visas, etc. Due to high demand we have recently set up a hotline with basic and practical answers to Frequently Asked Questions that we would be happy to share with anyone interested in this matter.