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Financial litigation

For effective financial planning... think ELC

Financial litigation

In a world of complicated and sophisticated ever changing tax systems, not only a good audit advise is necessary for an efficient and law compliant tax planning but also and foremost a proper legal advise in conjunction with tax specialists.

We are constantly monitoring the evolution of tax law in Switzerland, in the European Union and elsewhere so us to provide a comprehensive legal advise on tax and financial issues. Although we cannot replace the tax experts we can certainly assist in presenting an updated picture of the situation and also deal in many cases with emerging problems. We do not provide tax advise in relation to U.S. tax law though.

When it comes to financing in both domestic and international we can organize appraisals, participate in the elaboration of business plans and cover law compliance issues in domestic as well as in cross-border financing or financial issues. This includes but is not limited to joint venture agreements, international financing agreements and also mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other fields of business law, with a view not only into local requirements but also on international approaches. This does not only apply to our large scale clients but it is also designed to fit private individuals and small enterprises with tailor made solutions within national or international level.

Inheritance law, trusts and family foundations are fields familiar to us and the latter can be established in Liechtenstein or in other jurisdictions so as to fit the financial purposes required by the client.