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International network

For a legal network to support you wherever you are... think ELC

International network

Our local presence is strong, but ELC is much more than just a local law firm. We have cooperations or associate offices in many countries, ready to meet any personal or business need you may have, with loyalty and quality service at a fair and clear price. We are on standby worldwide in places including:

We are especially proud of our steady cooperation with the European Economic Interest Grouping "Bessau & Partner Attorneys at Law" (Registered in London No GE 162) with a presence in Berlin and International Law Offices in London, Warsaw and Johannesburg.

In the US we are working closely for many years  now with one of the nation's top plaintiff law firms: Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein ranked No1 on its class by US lawyer in 2020.

In Canada our partnership with Montreal's law firm Sylvestre-Fafard-Painchaud allows us a very effective representation in front of IATA and other international and national instances in this country.

In Austria we have a privileged relationship to Tonninger-Schermaier & Maierhof of Vienna and we also maintain a partnership to "Lansky and Partner", with a presence in Eastern Europe as well, with more than 70 specialists in public tenders and works.

ELC undertakes international and overseas trips every month throughout the year, visiting clients ready to see and analyze their case on the spot while also maintaining a constant link with International and European institutions and professionals in world capitals; including financial decision makers, businessmen, investors, lawyers, and other key people worldwide.

Our international network goes as far as Japan. Our cooperation with the Toshihiko Okeda law firm of Tokyo offers a broad range of services specializing in International transactions, making us one of the very few European firms with a presence in the country of the rising Sun...