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Other cultural engagements

Other cultural engagements

Evi Routoula our long term associate –and supreme Court ranked- attorney at Law is also translating into Greek fine English literature. She has recently published in Greece two novels by Jennifer Lash an established writer and the mother of the Fiennes brothers, both well known actors from the movies “Shakespeare in Love” and "The English patient" . At a successful cultural evening at the Swiss Community House in Athens Evi and the author’s daughter and film producer Martha Fiennes flown for the event, have presented the books to the Greek public and received many positive reactions and commentaries.

Our Law Office has also been active into other causes: We are glad to actively support the photography exposition of the ELPIDA foundation for the physically disabled children which is taking place at the ANAPLASI rehabilitation centre and clinic. All income from the exposition will be disposed to severely handicapped and disabled children.