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Our partner firm in the U.S. obtains record deal for data breach

After two years of intensive litigation, our U.S. partner firm LCHB has helped to conclude a deal valued at $115 million to end litigation over a massive 2015 data breach.
In 2015, the company Anthem, life and health insurance Company was victim of the biggest personal data breach ever.
LCHB has created a pool of funds to provide credit protection and reimbursement for customers. He also paid up to $38 million in attorneys’ fees.
Anthem, the nation’s second-largest health insurer in USA will provide the nearly 80 million victims of the data breach with two years of credit monitoring, cover customers' out-of-pocket expenses stemming from the breach, and pay cash compensation to customers who already got their own credit monitoring.
The settlement also calls for Anthem to guarantee a certain amount of funding for information security and to make certain changes to its data security systems.
This case shows us that cyber-attacks are becoming more common, sophisticated and determined. It is therefore essential that companies have an adapted security program in order to protect the personal data that the clients entrust to them.
Just like our partner, we are dedicated to defending our customers against the violation of personal data.