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  • Aviation

    ELC pioneered the liberalisation from the monopoly of air transportation related services in Greece, while also creating the foundation for the current ground services at the Athens International Airport and the other large airports throughout the country.

    Eurolegal - Aviation
  • Finance and tax

    In cooperation with certified accountants and tax consultants nationally and internationally, we can help you to sort out your finance assessment and make sure you can dispose of a proper evaluation of assets and of circumstances.

    Eurolegal - Finance and tax
  • General business law

    We are assisting in the creation of dozens of firms of different types for a variety of business purposes. We can help you to set up a proper structure according to your needs and assist you with a holding structure or an acquisition even on a small scale.

    Eurolegal - General business law
  • High technology

    We are very active in providing legal assistance to new expanding sectors of High Technology. One of the world's most prestigious manufacturers of super computers and specialized applications, Silicon Graphics International, turned to us for all necessary legal coverage in the country.

    Eurolegal - High technology
  • Labour law

    We feel it and we deal with it as very, very sensitive! Through our organised strategy we have proved successful in finding solutions that save our clients time and money.

    Eurolegal - Labour law
  • Intellectual property

    Whether you would simply like a check on the registration of a trademark or you wish to register a name, design or patent in Greece, Europe or even Worldwide, our experience and organisation can help you efficiently.

    Eurolegal - Intellectual property
  • Private and family law

    When your private life gets complicated, ELC can help. We have dealt with many cases and know how to find the best solutions offered in Greece and around the world.

    Eurolegal - Private and family law
  • Real estate

    Dozens of land and property buyers have entrusted us with their significant investments. From negotiating to contract preparation and registration, we take care of all your paperwork from A to Z.

    Eurolegal - Real estate

Welcome to the European Legal Consultancy

For comprehensive legal services... think ELC

ELC is one of an exciting new breed of law firms, combining local expertise with an international network of like-minded professional associates.

ELC has extensive legal experience across a broad range of sectors. We offer multi-lingual capabilities to compliment our wide range of specialist services for both commercial enterprises and private individuals. After many years of work and experience, ELC has created a solid, worldwide clientele.

We embrace cutting edge technology which keeps us up-to-date and links us seamlessly with all major domestic and international institutions - including bailiffs, court registrars, international organisations and the European Commission - but we never forget the importance of regular face-to-face meetings.

Our pricing is fully inclusive, honest, and transparent, with no hidden extras.

We are happy to offer you an initial consultation and quotation completely free of charge. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help.

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Our office participating in the September 2017 London GJN conference

The 40+ attorneys members of the Global Justice Network meet once per year overseas (usually in the Americas) and once in Europe to discuss and coordinate cross border litigation issues and files from all over the world. In September 7 and 8, 2017 this important judicial event took place in London at the prestigious Honorable Society of the Inner temple whereas the opening the day before (Sep,6) was held at the Barristers Chambers and at SkyGarden Walk.
Constantin Kokkinos a founding partner of the GJN and member of its steering committee was on the financial litigation panel and presented  the forthcoming attorney’s liability for unlawful behavior  of their clients which is to become effective in the E.U. in 2019 as per the contents of Directive 2011/16.EU.
Several other issues pertaining to international collaboration amongst the GJN members were discussed, notably: A joint European action over the VW consumer litigation which is to take place in the Netherlands , the environmental disaster at the Samarco dam collapse in Brazil and the compensation of its victims, the artificial intelligence and Robotics in law practice in the U.S. , the new Consumer protection law in South Africa etc.  
A new issue of cross border collaboration between GJN members has emerged on concerted practices  in between the four major European truck and bus manufacturers heavily fined by the European Commission for an industry cartel keeping end prices artificially high. A fifth manufacturer from Scandinavia was also fined later (on Sep,27th ) on the same grounds. GJN member attorneys are already active on their jurisdictions to assist bus and truck owners affected by these practices that lasted 14 years (from 1997 up until 2011) and should now be entitled by a decent compensation.
The 2017 London venue was a remarkable success. Inspired by the very first conference of the Global Justice Forum 15 years ago organized also in London by our San Francisco partners Lieff Cabraser Heinmann and Bernstein (repeatedly ranked as the #1 law firm in the whole United States) and of the Global Justice Forum seat at the prestigious Columbia Law school in N.Y., the GJN gathered this time some of the world’s most prestigious law firms across the continents in an effort to collaborate for the benefit of a better and efficient justice around the world.     



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